Used 1960 Harley-Davidson TOPPER for Sale in Arizona

Used 1960 Harley-Davidson TOPPER for Sale

1960 Harley-Davidson TOPPER for sale in Unspecified, Arizona
Motorcycle Info
Make Harley-Davidson
Mileage 1,839
Year 1960
Color Blue
Condition Used
Location Unspecified, Arizona
Zip 85260
Seller Type Dealer
Price $10,000
Motorcycle Description
I AM RARE-ING TO GO! THE ONLY YEAR HARLEY-DAVIDSON MADE A SCOOTER! Class scooter Engine 10 cu in (164 cc) 2-stroke single cylinder engine Power 9 hp (6.7 kW) Transmission continuously variable transmission Suspension Front: leading link Rear: Brakes Front: drum Rear: drum The Topper was the only motor scooter that the Harley-Davidson Motor Company ever produced.[1] The Topper had a continuously variable transmission, like most modern scooters. The engine was a 165 cc (10.1 cu in) single-cylinder two-stroke engine requiring a premixed gasoline/oil mixture. The starter was of the rope-recoil type similar to lawnmowers[2] or the Lambretta E model.[citation needed] Unlike most scooters with enclosed engines, the Topper's engine did not have a cooling fan.[3] The front body, front fender and floorboards of the Topper were made of stamped steel, and the engine cover and body were made of chopper gun-sprayed fiberglass.
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