Used 1987 BMW R80RT for Sale in Ohio

Used 1987 BMW R80RT for Sale

1987 BMW R80RT for sale in Unspecified, Ohio
Motorcycle Info
Make BMW
Model R80RT
Mileage 28,878
Year 1987
Color Red
Condition Used
Location Unspecified, Ohio
Zip 43136-0247
Seller Type Dealer
Price $4,450
Motorcycle Description
SOLD... $3995...1987 BMW R80RT, Colorado Red, 10K Service, Corbin, 28,878 Mi. SOLD.......We began by performing a BMW Factory Major Service (10K), installed a new sealed Westco battery, and new original Continental braided cloth covered fuel lines. We then fixed 2 small oil leaks ( 2 pushrod oil seals and the transmission neutral switch), and replaced the speedo cable rubber dust boot. We inspected the clutch (Very Good condition), and lubed the clutch splines. We cleaned and inspected both the front disc brake pads and the rear drum shoes; both were in very good condition. We also flushed the front brake fluid. We checked the fork fluid, and found it to be very clean, so we did not change it. This 1987 BMW R80RT is the perfect bike for daily transportation, or weekend getaways! It has BMW Touring Cases, a Corbin Dual Tour seat, and the Avon tires in Very Good condition. There is a tool tray, but no tool kit. There are 2 Keys that fit all locks (neck / glovebox / tank / seat) except for the right glovebox. There is a smaller key that fits the BMW Touring Cases. There are a number of scratches and chips in the paint that have been touched up with matching paint; noticeable up close, but not noticeable from 15 feet away. There is a very tiny dink on the left side of the fuel tank. The rest of the paint is solid and shinny, and should hold up for many years yet. All electrics are working properly, and in good condition. The engine starts easily, and runs smoothly and quietly after normal warm up. The R80RT is really a joy to ride; much smoother and quieter than the 1000cc BMW twins, and gets much better fuel mileage too. The monoshock design and improved forks / wheels / Transmission / front brakes makes it handle and ride superbly; significantly better than all the prior generations of BMW Twins. All around, we consider this model one of the best BMW has ever produced. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for enclosed, insured, to-your-door delivery by a carrier we have a good history with. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this BMW motorcycle; please call us at 614.837.1160. To see more high resolution views of this bike in detail, please use the link below to direct you to our online photo storage on Picturepush, or request our series of high resolution photos via an email to Please copy and paste the link below into your web browser search bar. If you would like to take this bike out on a test ride, please plan it for a dry day, and call 24 hours ahead to schedule. A BMW Factory recommended 10K Service is very extensive, and goes deep into all areas of the bike. The details are: Engine Tune: Torque heads, Adjust valves, Check air filter (replace if necessary), Inspect and gap spark plugs (replace if necessary), Set ignition timing, Check fuel lines (NEW), check intake boots, tighten clamps, Sync carbs, adjust fuel mixture, set hot idle. Test ride; report all deficiencies. Change engine oil and filter (motor hot) Look for and report all leaks (entire bike), Change all drive line gear oil (transmission, driveshaft, final drive), Inspect driveshaft boot for cracking, Clean carburetor bowls, inspect floats, Grease clutch cable nipples top and bottom, Adjust clutch, Service battery, clean terminals as necessary, Adjust brakes, inspect pads, Flush front brake system; master cylinder thru calipers. Check spokes (adjust as necessary), Adjust tire pressure, check tire wear and condition, Safety check (lights, instruments / indicators, horn, etc.), Check all fasteners and tighten/torque as necessary. Adjust valve rocker end play, Inspect fuel hoses and clamps (change as needed). Inspect cables for wear or fraying, Replace damaged or worn cable boots, Clean and re-grease throttle tube and gear, Flush brake fluid, Change fork oil (new crush gasket!), Inspect, re-shim, and re-pack tapered wheel bearings, install new seals (replace bearings as necessary), Grease throw out arm, center stand pivots, side stand pivot. Adjust swing arm bearing play, Adjust play at steering bearing, Torque engine mount bolts, suspension fasteners, and center stand.
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